Friday, December 11, 2015

Principal's Corner - November 2015

Dear DCIS Parents,
Fall is upon us, complete with cooler weather and the amazingly colorful trees all around
town. Here's wishing you a happy fall! As a quick reminder, due to fall conferences held last
week for two evenings this week, there was no school for staff or students on November 2,
2015. At DCIS students and staff are going strong, undertaking all kinds of cool studies, projects
and enrichment activities. Here are just a few examples.
 Ask your 6th grader about converting fractions to decimals and about the difference between
a primary and a secondary source.
 Ask your 7th grader about their fund raiser for Syrian refugees, the latest on "A Long Walk
to Water", and about their weekly Brain Booster in science
 Ask your 8th grader about Shakespeare and the impact of his plays, and ask their opinion
on the great debate of "Can we end world hunger?"
 Ask your 9th grader about their grant writing unit, and how grant writing works on the Go
Fund Me site.
 Ask your 10th grader about perspectives on "The American Dream," social justice struggles
during the period of Reconstruction and how they relate to today, and all about How
the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accent.
 Ask your 11th grader about Classical Societies, the importance of trade routes in the Classical
World and the SPICE technique of analysis.
 Ask your 12th grader about their Senior Seminar and their Senior Service project.
Here are a few announcements for you.

Student Led Parent Conferences 
DCIS hosted student led parent conferences on October 28 and 29 from 3:30-7:30. If you did not have the opportunity to schedule your conference with your student's advisor, we encourage all parents to communicate with them to be in aware 

8th Grade Parent High School Information Night
Attention all Parent of DCIS 8th graders. Please plan to attend an information night about DCIS High School. DCIS is an amazing alternative for your child for high school. For those of you who might be considering a different school for your child's high school option, come find out what DCIS to offer. Did you know that high school students at DCIS earn TWO high school diplomas and not just one, like every other DPS high school? Did you know our high school is a founding member of a network of International Studies schools all over the country, and is one of the flagship schools in the country? Come find out all about DCIS High School! See you on November 11, 2015 at 6:00 in the auditorium. 

Town Hall Meeting with DPS Safety and Security and Denver Police Dept.
We will host a Town Hall meeting to discuss the recent rise in Lock Out/Lock Down events at DCIS, and across the city. Please plan to attend this important meeting and come prepared with questions. The DPS Chief of Safety and Security has agreed to attend this meeting and welcomes your input. Look for an invite soon. For now, save the date: November 18, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. in the DCIS Auditorium. A reception will follow at 7:00 p.m. in the Cafeteria. See you there.

Graduation may seem like a long way off for our seniors, but it's never too early to plan. The DCIS graduation ceremony will be held on June 1, 2016, at 6:00 p.m. at the June Swayner Gates Concert Hall, which is a part of the Newman Center for Performing Arts on the campus of the University of Denver. The June Swayner Gates Concert Hall is a beautiful venue, with comfortable seating and great acoustics in a formal setting. In short, it's perfect! Which is what our seniors deserve. There is plentiful, although not unlimited seating. Each graduate will receive nine tickets for guests. Graduates do not need a ticket for themselves. So in other words, every graduate can invite up to nine people to the ceremony. This is the system we used last year, and it worked well. A ticket will be required for admission. As graduation draws closer we will be sending out more specific information. For now, make sure that June 1, 2016 is on your calendar for the DCIS Class of 2016. 

The DCIS Continuation Ceremony for 8th graders will be held in the DCIS Auditorium on June 2, 2016 at 6 p.m. This is the ceremony we hold each year to commemorate the end of middle school and celebrate the beginning of high school for all students who complete the 8th grade. If you are the parent of an 8th grader, please make plans to attend this important ceremony. More details will be coming in the spring. For now, please save this date on your calendar.